Python Advanced

This is a collection of the more niche and advanced features that are useful to know when programming. These do not feature a set order and will be under continuous progress.

     Additional String Functions
         Join() and Split() on Strings - Example code showing how a string can be split into a list based. and how a list of strings be constructed into a single string.
         Title() and Capitalize() - Example code showing how strings can be formatted suing these built in methods.

     Storing Data
         Pickle - The pickle library allows a program to save data in a binary file. Data must be presented in dictionary.
         Shelve - The shelve library builds on top of the pickle library and allows data to be stored against a key. For amounts of data this allows only the relevant parts to be read saving time and resources.

     Additional Data Types

         The local() and global() functions - These functions output the variables in the name space you are working, these are useful when debugging or investigating code.

         Operator Reassignment - This allows for objects to be created and assigned methods to typical operators.