Creating Graphs With Excel VBA

In this example we are going to create an excel chart with VBA code. To achieve this we are going to start with a table of data. This doesn't need to be static or predefined, this table could be generated from your code, but for this example we will just create a example data set.

To create the following code I used the record macro function. If you try this yourself you will likely find that your code is much longer than mine posted below. I have removed some unnecessary lines of code that do not perform a useful function, such as moving the screen or repeated selections. I recommend getting used to using the macro tool and reworking the recorded code.

This produces the following chart. when editing the code above it is recommended to make small changes and test your code regularly when starting to learn new concepts. This approach allows for easier debugging as you can identify the likely place where an error has occurred.

Sub createGraph()
' createGraph Macro

    ActiveSheet.Shapes.AddChart2(240, xlXYScatterLines).Select
    ActiveChart.SetSourceData Source:=Range("Sheet1!$C$2:$D$6")
    ActiveChart.ChartTitle.Text = "Money Plan"
    Selection.Format.TextFrame2.TextRange.Characters.Text = "Money Plan"

    Selection.Type = xlPower
    Selection.DisplayEquation = True
    Selection.DisplayRSquared = True
    Application.CommandBars("Format Object").Visible = False
End Sub

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