VBA and Microsoft Excel

VBA can be used to complete a wide range of tasks in Microsoft excel. Some of the most useful and populate are writing and read to cells. This allows your code and scripts to interact with workbooks and calculations in excel.

Writing to Excel Cells

Sub writeToCells()

    Cells.Range("A1").Value = "Engine"
    Cells(1, 2).Value = "Bumper"
End Sub

In Excel:

This creates the following on the selected sheet.

Reading from Excel Cells

Sub readFromCells()

    Dim name As String

    name = Cells.Range("A1").Value
    MsgBox name

End Sub

In Excel:
This creates the following output. 

Selecting different sheets 

Sometimes you may need to write to a range of sheets. This example shows how to achieve that. The same method is used for reading the data across sheets.

Sub writeSheets()

    Sheets("Sheet2").Range("A5") = "Hello"
End Sub

In Excel:


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