Installing Python 3.6

If you don't already have python on your machine you are going to need to download the latest version. If you are on Mac or Linux then you will already have python installed though you may want to upgrade to the latest version.

Step 1 - Visit and download python 3.6. In the python community there are still many users still using python 2.7 though if you are a beginner there is no significant difference between the two and I would recommend starting with 3.6.

Step 2 - Once Downloaded run the .exe file.

Step 3 - To make life easier add Python to Path. This shortens any commands you type to call python.

Step 4 - Wait...

Step 5 - All going well you will see a confirmation that the software has installed correctly

Step 6 - From the start menu find python and open IDLE.

Once this far you have successfully installed python and opened the built in editor that is bundled with python,  IDLE.

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