While Loops


 These repeat until a set criteria is met. Or until the loop is broken by a break keyword.

While loop keywords

while - this should by followed by a condition that while true the program will continue looping.
continue - This can be included in the block,when the program reaches this it will start a new loop iteration
break - This will terminate the loop
else - This term can be included at the end of a loop. this will run once the loop condition has been broken. This will not run if the loop exits via a break. 

Example - Basic Loop

This is a basic while loop that exists while a variable , i, is below 100. The loop then increases i, then prints i. Once i == 100 is true then the loop stops.
i = 0
while i < 100:
    i += 1
    print i
As a programmer you should be aware of when a loop can continue on for infinity and design out of this. Perhaps by including a count that breaks the loop once an unrealistic loop count has been reached.

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