The Math Library


The math library is a useful library that allows you to use more complex tools  to create python programs that can handle mathematics.
Rather than explain this library in detail we are going to cover a few brief methods and then some examples that allow you to get started and if you want a more advanced feature or something that isn't here then this should be covered in the documentation.


Number Theory
math.log10(x)                  - Return the log base 10 of x
math.log(x,[base])           - Returns natural log x, unless an optional base is supplied
math.pow(x,y)                 - Returns x raised to the power y
math.sqrt(x)                     - Returns the square root of a number
Angular Conversion
math.degrees(x)              - Converts an angle in radians in to degrees
math.radians(x)               - Converts an angle in degrees in to radians
Trigonometric Functions
math.cos(x)                     - Returns the cosine of x, when x is in radians
math.sin(x)                     - Returns the sine of x, when x is in radians
math.tan(x)                     - Returns the tangent of x, when x is in radians
math.acos(x)                   - Returns the inverse cosine of x, when x is in radians
math.asin(x)                   - Returns the inverse sine of x, when x is in radians
math.atan(x)                   - Returns the inverse tangent of x, when x is in radians
math.hypot(x,y)             - Calculates the vector distance between x to y.
Hyperbolic Fucntions
maths.acosh(x)              - As above but hyperbolic
math.pi                          - Returns the constant Pi
math.e                           - Returns natural e


A short example of some of the above keywords in action.
import math

x = math.pi / 2
print (math.sin(x))

x = 90
x = math.radians(x)
print (math.sin(x))

x = 144
print (math.sqrt(x))
This returns:

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