The OS Library


The os library is a useful library that allows you to create python programs that do similar tasks to windows explorer on the windows platform.
Rather than explain this library in detail we are going to cover a few brief examples that allow you to get started and if you want a more advanced feature or something that is not here then this should be covered in the documentation.

Example - Get current directory

Being aware of where a program is running allows you to interact with files that are local to the program.
import os
print (os.getcwd())
This returns:

Example - Change Current Directory

Changing directory example.
import os
print (os.getcwd())
print (os.getcwd())
This returns:

Example - Return all files in a directory and sub-directories

When a program needs to operate on a bunch of files, you can use the os library to provide a list of files in a directory and all subsequent sub-directories.
This example will search my temp folder and create a list of files that have the .py extension.
filelist = []
fileType = "py"
for root, dirs, files in os.walk(r"C:/temp"):
    for file in files:
        if file.endswith(fileType):

for f in filelist:
    print (f)     
This returns a list of files.

Example - Get the Username

When creating automated tools for a group of users you may want to automatically input data that is specific to a given user.
print (os.getlogin())
This returns:

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