Variables are place holders for inforamtion, these can change value as the program runs. If you are familiar with other programming languages you may expect to define a varable to a data type. This is not required in python. Python automatically assigns a datatype to a varaible based on what is being stored.

To create a variable we just need to come up with a meaning full name. Python requires some basic formatting rules, variables need to start with with a letter though can contain numbers, they cannot contain spaces. Note variables are case sensitive.

PEP 8 underscores are typically used between words in variables in python. For example a variable for a welcome message could be defined in the following way.

welcome_message = "Welcome to my site about python"

If we want to change this message we can use redefine it contents.

welcome_message = "Welcome to my site about python"

# update welcome message

welcome_message = "Welcome to my site about Python and Java"

print (welcome_message)

or pages views could be defined :

page_views = 12

This allows us to operate on the variable.

page_views = 12

# Increase the page view due to new visitor
page_views += 1

print (page_views)

This returns the value "13".

Now you have an understanding of variables lets look at datatypes

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