Tkinter - Radio Buttons in Python

This is an example tkinter gui which uses radio buttons to allow the user to select from predefined options.
import tkinter

def printVariable(event=0):
    #This function prints the option selected, from the index
    #event is set to zero as default
    print ("Option " + str(var.get() + 1))
#defines a window
window = tkinter.Tk()

#Sets window title
window.title("Radiobox Example")

#create a inteer varaible
var = tkinter.IntVar()

#Set a default value

#List of options 
options = ["Option 1",
           "Option 2",
           "Option 3",
           "Option 4"]

#Creates a label prompting for selection
lbl = tkinter.Label(window, text = "Make make a selection")
#pack the label

#interates through the list and creates a radio button for each option
#enumberate generates an index for each item, that we can assign to the value of each button
for opt, option in enumerate(options):
    rad = tkinter.Radiobutton(window, text=option, padx = 10, variable=var, value=opt)

#button to confirm selection
btn = tkinter.Button(window, text = " Select ", command=printVariable)
#pack the button

#Return / Enter runs the fucntion the same as clicking the button
window.bind('<Return>', printVariable)

This generates this GUI window

On pressing the "Select" button or pressing return, the follwoing is printed.

Option 1

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