Tkinter - Selecting Fonts in Python

This is example which shows how to select and change fonts for elements of a tkinter GUI.

import tkinter

#create a window
window = tkinter.Tk()

#Sets window title
window.title("Font Example")

#Create a Label
lbldoctype = tkinter.Label(window,
                           text="   Option Choice:    ",
                           fg="#FFFFFF",            #we define the colour of the text
                           bg="#FF0000",            #we define the colour of the background for the label
                           font=("Helvetica", 12)   #here we define the font and size of the text

#create a button widget called btn
btn = tkinter.Button(window,
                     text="     Select     ",
                           fg="#00FF00",        # we define the colour of the text
                           bg="#FF00FF",        # we define the colour of the background for the label
                           font=("Times", 12)   # here we define the font and size of the text
#pack the button into the window

#Loops the tkinter window
This creates this wonderful looking window

Note that colours are defined in hex notation (three byte hexidecimal). It is also possible to select colours by name. The fonts depend on the system being utilised.

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