VBA - Whitespace

Creating code is only part of being a good programmer - creating code that is easy to read and follow is key to being a good programmer.

Here is an example code that uses whitespace poorly. Can you work out quickly what will be output?

Now here is the same code but we have used white space to indent to blocks of code are are contained in the if statement. It is clearer to follow the nesting of the if statements now. This same method is useful when using loops. 

Code Snippet:

Sub a7_whitespace2()

Dim x As Integer
Dim y As Integer
Dim z As Integer

x = 4
y = 102
z = -2

If x < 0 Then
    MsgBox "message 1"
    If z < 5 Then
        MsgBox "message 2"
    End If
    If y > 23 Then
       MsgBox "message 3"
        MsgBox "message 4"
    End If
End If
End Sub

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