Creating and Using Classes With VBA

Object orientated programming is major direction that programming has taken. Part of that is using classes to group code together code to resemble objects.

To start we create a "Class Module" and rename it car. For this example we are going to make a basic object that represents the data a car garage may hold on a car.

Next we create Variables that are going to store different bits of information of the car class.
Properties are also assigned, In this example we make the Owner accessible. 
Events are created in this example we assign default values to each of the properties when a class instance is created. 
Finally methods are created which allows for standard ways we can interact with the data stored in the class. 

In the follow example we show how we can use the class we have created. We also use the method created to assign a new owner to the car.

Class Code:

Public Name As String
Private Owner As String
Private Value As Double

' Properties
Property Get CarOwner() As String
    CarOwner = Owner
End Property

' Event
Private Sub Class_Initialize()
    Value = 100
    Owner = "Garage"
End Sub

' Methods
Public Sub transfer(NewOwner As String)
    Owner = NewOwner
End Sub

Public Sub Discount(Amount As Double)
    Value = Value - Amount
End Sub

Example Application Code:
Sub classtest()

Dim oCar As New Car

'Setr Car name
oCar.Name = "Ford"

MsgBox (oCar.Name)

MsgBox (oCar.CarOwner)

oCar.transfer ("Brian")

MsgBox (oCar.CarOwner)

End Sub

This example is a extremely basic example that allows some of the basic functions of a class to be demonstrated.

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