Getting and formatting the date and time with VBA

When creating a script it is often powerful to include the date or the time. The following example shows how to get the current date and time and then how to format this information in a presentable way suitable for your application.

Sub dateTimeExamples()

MsgBox (Date) ' Returns 15/02/2020

Dim day As Date
day = Date

MsgBox (Format(day, "Long Date"))   ' Returns 15 February 2020
MsgBox (Format(day, "dddd"))        ' Returns Saturday
MsgBox (Format(day, "dd"))          ' Returns 15
MsgBox (Format(day, "mm"))          ' Returns 02
MsgBox (Format(day, "yy"))          ' Returns 20
MsgBox (Format(day, "yyyy"))        ' Returns 2020

Dim now As Date
now = Time

MsgBox (now)                       ' 22:38:12

MsgBox (Format(now, "ss"))          ' Returns 12
MsgBox (Format(now, "mm"))          ' Returns 38
MsgBox (Format(now, "hh"))          ' Returns 22
MsgBox (Format(now, "hh:mm:ss"))    ' Returns 22:38:12
MsgBox (Format(now, "hh:mm"))       ' Returns 22:38

End Sub

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